Monday, April 2, 2012

Patience Pays Off

Well, it took a while but I finally got published on Barnes and Noble's Nook.  If you have a Nook and wish to purchase one of my books you can do so here:   click on this link.

Like Amazon, you can click on the book title, and an overview of the book appears.

If you don't have a Nook, Remember my books are available on Kindle here:  click here

One nice thing about Amazon is that you can click on the book, and it will let you peek inside for a sample!

Don't have a Kindle?  You can download an free application that allows you to buy and read Kindle books on your PC, Ipad, or Iphone.  Click here to learn more.

Thanks to those who've already purchased my books....there will be more, soon.

My latest is available both on Nook and Kindle!

It includes some of my favorite (and my readers' favorite) posts, such as My Restroom Rant, Time for a Nooner, and the Pleasure Hunt.

If you like my blog and my books, tell your friends; if you've already bought one or more of my books, go back and post a review.  I'd appreciate it!

Okay, that's enough shameless self-promotion for one day!

Love you all!



Vodka Logic said...

Very cool. I will definitely check them out

River said...

I'm still deciding what type of e-reader to get....but I do have an ever-lengthening list of e-books to buy.

Brian Miller said...

that is awesome eva....excited for you...

A Beer for the Shower said...

I love shameless promotion as much as the next writer. I don't have a Nook... nor do I have a Kindle... but I do have that Kindle Cloud reader program installed. I'm off to Amazon to check it out!

rosaria williams said...


Terri Sonoda said...

FAbulous! Congratulations Eva! I'm hoping to self-publish soon. I may have to pick your brains when the questions come up.
Have a super Monday! Huggsss

Sue said...

Glad you finally prevailed!


Carol Wyer said...

Downloaded and eagerly waiting to read it Eva.
I'll promote it on my facebook page for you too.

Al Penwasser said...

You gave Nook a look? Congratulations! How cool is that? How'd you do it, how'd you do it? Would you be interested in helping out a fellow American who's down on his luck? You know you're my inspiration, don't you?

The Frisky Virgin said...

This is really so awesome. I was just talking with my mom about Kindles. I'm more of a traditionalist, but I'm beginning to see some major benefits of the Kindle. It's a major battle between the traditionalist, bookstore-loving me and the Kindle-interested me. You can bet I'm buying these when I get one.

Eva Gallant said...

I was a holdout for a long time. I finally bought the $139 one Saturday, and I think I'm going to like it.

P.S. If you're enjoying Country Connections, you may want to buy that kindle or get the free app soon! (hint, hint)

Unknown Mami said...

Well done, Eva!