Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Fiction: Welcome to Singles Night! Chapter 15

A word of caution: this fiction series may occasionally stray from a PG-13 rating to an R rating. Proceed at your own risk!)

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          Outside Country Connections were patches of darkness where the parking lot lights didn’t quite reach.  This didn’t really present a problem for Ginger, as she knew exactly where Elizabeth had parked the Chevy Lumina.  It seemed odd to her that no one was on the porch necking or having a cigarette when she stepped outside, but the band was playing their version of “Do That to Me One More Time,” which was a favorite of couples who liked to rub against each other on the dance floor under the guise of dancing. 

          Ginger limped across the parking lot, still carrying the shoe with the broken heel.   “I wonder what my chances are of getting my money back on these; they’re practically brand new!” she muttered to no one in particular.  Just as she reached the car, she noticed someone coming toward her.

          “Well, hello, Beautiful.  I was wondering if you would be here tonight.  I was hoping we could pick up where we left off last week, before you pulled that vanishing act on me.”  It was Carl, the man she’d left the Connections with last week; seeing him through more sober eyes tonight, she was glad they didn’t “connect.”  He was a little drunk, she guessed, from his unsteady walk, and his blonde hair and beard on closer inspection looked like they hadn’t seen a shower in several days.  His tee shirt smelled of mildew, like it had stayed in the washer too long after the rinse cycle.

          “What do you say?  You wanna’ have a little fun tonight?”  He put his arms around her and backed her against the car, his hands near the roof, his arms forming barriers on each side of her.  His breath smelled of scotch and cigarettes, and maybe a hint of garlic—not an enticing combination.

          “I think I’ll pass tonight, if you don’t mind,” Ginger responded, trying to extricate herself from the enclosure of his burly arms.  Man, I must have been really wasted last week, she thought to herself.

          “Oh, but I’ve got a whole lot of lovin’ saved up for you, Baby.  I’ll make you happy you found me.  You WERE looking for me, weren’t you?  Well, I’m right here, all hard and ready to go,” he said as he pressed himself against her in what he considered a seductive manner.

            “I’m not interested,” she declared, trying to wriggle free.  He pulled her closer, his left hand cradling the back of her neck, his right hand moving down her back to her hip.  She raised her hands in an attempt to push him away, but he was strong and managed to find her mouth with his.  She turned her head away so his wet mouth slid off hers and across her cheek.

          “Oh, but I remember you were real interested last week; you practically inhaled my tongue and rubbed those juicy jugs against me ‘til I thought I’d explode right there on the dance floor. “  He increased the pressure on her neck and buttocks as she struggled to get out from between him and the car.

          “Let me go, Carl.  I don’t want to be with you.  Last week I’d had too much to drink and acted stupidly.   I’m sorry but you’re not my type.”  Then she remembered she had the car keys in her hand.  With a little maneuvering, she was able to grip the ignition key as though it were a weapon. 

          “Your lips tell me no, no, but there’s yes, yes in your eyes, as Dean Martin used to sing.  I know you really want me.” 

          “Let go of me, Carl, right now, or else,” she threatened.

          “Or else what, huh?  Or else what?” he laughed.  “Just what do you think you can do to me, little girl?”

            Ginger had slowly dropped her hand between them.  As he chuckled again, she quickly, with all the effort she could muster, jammed the key into his crotch area.   He screamed in pain and backed away, doubled over.  As soon as his grip on her loosened, she broke away and tried to run.  She had to get out from between the two cars parked in front of Liz’s before she could move freely.

          “You fucking bitch!”  He spat at her back and ran after her.

          Why didn’t we get here early enough to get a parking spot closer to the door, she asked herself, as she broke into a run.  She knew she couldn’t get any speed wearingonly one shoe, so she stopped and removed it.  The pause was just long enough.  Carl had a long stride and caught her by her hair almost immediately.  It hurt so much; she dropped the car keys and her shoes.  She fell to her knees, and with his right hand still enmeshed in her curly hair, he threw his left arm back and slapped her squarely across the face with the back of his hand.  The blow was hard enough that she saw stars in front of her eyes before she dropped all the way to the ground, unconscious, her lip cut open and bleeding.

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Dawn @Lighten Up! said...

Eva! Wow! This is fantastic!
I was cheering for Ginger when she jabbed the keys. Now I am most worried about her!
Great stuff! You rock at fiction!!

injaynesworld said...

Way to build the suspense! I wish Ginger hadn't gone to the parking lot by herself. Didn't her Mama teach her anything? I'll be waiting anxiously for next Friday.

Eva Gallant said...

Dawn: thanks so much!

Jayne: As I said above, there is no next Friday! Thanks for downloading the book on your Nook!

Sue said...

Yikes. Singles Night just took a whole new turn!
And now I am worrying about Ginger...


Al Penwasser said...

What a tease!
You, not Ginger.

Brian Miller said...

oh snap...ugh...this has some wicked intensity to it eva...i was anxious...still am...nice cliff hanger....

one thing you might want to consider trying in your next story is to write it in present tense...hard to get used to but it will ratchet up that intensity all the more...

Pat said...

Did you say you were in sales? Ha ha! Nice way to hook us in! We HAVE to find out what happens now!

She Writes Here Now said...

I stand corrected! :)

Unknown Mami said...

Crap! Very well written.