Wednesday, May 9, 2012

WTF Wednesday

I do not claim to be a fashion expert by any means, but these outfits worn by celebs to the Metropolitan Opera Ball scream F'ugly to me!

The front of this dress looks to me like she's got some kind of creeping fungus crawling over her!

And the purple bottom looks like she dropped her feather boa, or she is wearing some really strange boots!

The back shows way more of her than I care to see!
This one just defies description!  One wrong move or slight breeze and the world sees her hoo hah!

And F'Ugly choices weren't limited to the women!  This guy could have at least worn black boxers under the lacy shift.  And I really don't understand the socks and shoe choice.


And on another note....There's a high school in Georgia that has 12 sets of twins in it's graduating class!   Is it something in the water, or what?


In a grand gesture of tolerance, the North Carolina state legislature has effectively banned gay marriage, civil unions, and domestic partnerships.


My last WTF is personal.  I didn't pick it up from the media.

I was looking in the mirror this morning and spotted a lone white hair, about an inch long sprouting out from my throat, below my third chin, and approximately where my Adam's apple would be if I had one.  I found this startling because I carefully search my visage for rogue hairs on a regular basis.  Usually they are black and easy to spot.  This little devil had escaped detection until now, probably because it's whiteness matched my Maine winter complexion.

Not sure what to do, I weighed my options.  Perhaps I could attach a decorative barrette for a saucy but stylish look;  maybe tying a ribbon around it, like a ponytail would be appropriate.  Or maybe I should attack it with my curling iron and turn it into a ringlet?  In the end, I plucked it out, which seemed a shame, since it had obviously been around a while to have reached such a length.  I can tell I'm going to have to be more diligent in my "hair hunts."  Missing too many could be F'Ugly!



Aging Gal said...

Tie a ribbon around that rogue hair and display it proudly! Given these photographed fashion choices, you'll likely start a new trend!

Steadfast Ahoy! said...

Eva, I'm with you on the fashion f'ugly awards. I watched the ET pre-show of the Met Gala while on WestJet, flying home from Alberta. I liked what I saw in the previews, but these "winners" were being saved to wow the hardcore viewers later on, I guess.

i have found those "suddenly there" long hairs too. Last summer, my daughter pulled one away from under my right ear and started laughing to beat the band. It was a humiliating experience. Now I'm on the lookout for them before some else realizes I'm turning into a Yeti!

Dawn @Lighten Up! said...

"Not sure what to do, I weighed my options. Perhaps I could attach a decorative barrette for a saucy but stylish look; maybe tying a ribbon around it, like a ponytail would be appropriate."
Made my day, Eva. I found a gray eyebrow the other day. Depressing. What's next?
(Wait, don't answer that.)

Brian Miller said...

twelve sets of twins...that is crazy.....the see through clothing is a trend that i hope is not catching...

Kristi said...

Of the rogue hair was funny!!!

Stephen Hayes said...

I agree with you. These people must be going for the attention that comes with being on a Worst Dressed list. That first one looks like she's being attacked by a SciFi monster virus.

Muffy's Marks said...

That blue dress looks like a peacock that lost its 'umph' So glad I don't have the shape or desire to ever dress like that!!

Sue said...

Very ugly....costumes. (that's what they look like)

And I laughed at the hair searches. I have to do those too, now.


rosaria williams said...

Hey, if you didn't see it right there under your chin, no one else had either. At our age, who is looking at us?
Perhaps we should be more STYLISH!!!

dirtycowgirl said...

I have one of those hairs - mine grows under my chin, where my neck used to be. Left to it's own devices it would just keep on growing.

How about we have a contest to see whose can get the longest - or even a sponsored grow.
To raise money for laser treatment ?

Terri Sonodat said...

Gotta love that North Carolina legislation. NOT.
Love the long neck hair. I would have opted for the decorative barrette. But not to worry, you'll get another chance. I always do.

Nancy Thompson said...

What is with those wild hairs we don't catch 'til their on inch long? I guess that speaks to our aging eyes.

As for the fugly clothes, they dress that way for one reason: to be provocative. They are so entrenched in themselves, they need to have everyone else talking about them to feel important. Who'd have thought these otherwise beautiful people could be so insecure?!

Erin said...

You are too funny!

WhisperingWriter said...

I do not get fashion. At all. I wasn't a fan of Beyonce's dress.

Simone said...

That dress was just plain gaudy. Sorry about the hair. Maybe it was in hiding?

Joanna Jenkins said...

I am so with you on the Met's fashion gala. What were those designers thinking and why would Beyonce wear that crazy dress... Not to mention the guy in lace with the pilgrim shoes. Ugh.

Isn't it amazing how a random hair can crop up out of the blue? I've had a few of those and I suspect I'll be seeing a few more in the future. Ugh again.

Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day. xo jj

Barb - The Empty Nest Mom said...

Funny, funny. I have those rogue hairs now and then too - what's up with that? And I agree with you on the fashions - WTF? Except the guy in the black sheer get-up, white boxers and pilgrim-ish shoes? Loved that - only because I think he was poking fun. That's my sense of humor I guess - a bit askew. Thanks for stopping by The Empty Nest Mom - you were a high school teacher for years? Me too. - 10th grade English.

injaynesworld said...

Beyonce should know better. That dress is more suited to Lady Ga-gag. And the peek-a-boo hoo-ha dress? Words fail me. As for the guy, if he's hoping to get some action in that outfit I think he's in for some major disappointment. North Carolina -- where it's still cool to marry your first cousin. As for the hair -- I think I just found its twin under my own chin. :)

Pat said...

Looks like Beyonce might have borrowed that dress from J Lo.

That white dress? Holy crap! Obviously that woman is going commando!

I hate those stray hairs that are missed. I have one growing out of my forehead. Sometimes I'll miss it for over a month or so, and then it looks like a unicorn horn. Luckily it is white so it's not as noticeable as if it were that stiff black hair!

vesselsmemories said...

Very ugly outfits!

Dawn in NH