Friday, June 29, 2012

amazing Photos!

Favellas of Brazil;  The boundary between wealth and poverty.

The longest bridge in the world crosses the Gulf of Jiaozhou, in China.

World's highest chained carousel in Vienna--117 meters!

Clouds in Northeastern Australia.

The view from the 163rd floor of a skyscraper in Dubai.

View from the same floor looking down on a clear day.

                                            A family photo.

Computer Games Store in Paris; floor is actually flat!  Optical illusion.

Banpo Bridge in Seoul, South Korea

Danxia Landform--a geological formation in China

Crescent Moon Tower in Dubai

"River Above the River;"  Magedburg Water Bridge in Germany.

Migration of the Manta Rays in the Gulf of Mexico

Above the fog in Sydney, Australia

The worlds's longest traffic jam--161 miles!  Happened in China.

I received 39 unudual photos in an email; I'm sharing my favorites with you!



Stephen Hayes said...

These are amazing, especially that grid floor.

Vicki Valenta said...

Those are awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Brian Miller said...

holy crap, i almost got sick looking down the sky scraper...too high for cool on the video game floor though....the line between wealth and poverty is stilling...

Pat said...

I've seen these before and they still amaze me. I bet it's funny watching people walk in that computer store with that floor!

Al Penwasser said...

Those are some wayyyyyy cool photos. Serious note: makes you wonder about the wealth/poverty border in Brazil. If I was a rich person whose backyard abutted metal shacks, I'd have to be a little nervous about when my neighbors would finally get tired of living that way.

Terri Sonoda said...

I love stuff like this. Makes me want to google and research some of these places. Especially Dubai. Wow. Thanks Eva!

Sue said...

Wow. Those are some interesting views!