Friday, June 1, 2012

Nature's Cruel Ways (a repost)

It doesn't seem that long ago, we frolicked on the beach,
Built castles in the sand,
Walked together hand in hand;
The whole world was at our feet.
We were innocent and sweet.

We bloomed into young women and took on the world out there;
Each morning brought new challenge,
And we were strong and sure and
Confident we'd find our ways.
You'd agree: Those were the days!

But time and life do take their toll, and now we do grow old.
O'er time we wed, and then we bred;
We raised our kids, oh, yes we did.
And cellulite snuck in o'er night--
And our backside view's now quite the sight!

an original poem by Eva Gallant



Terri Sonoda said...

ROFLMAO. Love it

Charlotte said...

I laughed and cried. Or something like that.

River said...

This is still very funny and probably always will be. I'm so glad I don't have a mirror that shows me from behind.

Paige Kellerman said...

Hahahaha...I think I've passed number two and headed straight for three. Loved this!

Sue said...

LOVE this, Eva!


pandora said...

Love this and so true!