Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WTF Wednesday

WTF were they thinking???

      A couple of parents in Falmouth, Maine, hosted a party for 100 high school students, including members of the school's baseball and lacrosse teams who were clelebrating recent championships.  When police arrived, the home owner met them in the driveway and said there was no alcohol being consumed at the party, but shortly afterward, officers pulled over a vehicle with three drunk teenagers in the back seat.

They returned to the home and found evidence that teenagers had been smoking marijuana and consuming alcohol, and vomit was everywhere.  Although no one had to be taken to the hospital, police treated several minors at the scene for excessive alcohol consumption.
The homeowner/parents are facing charges of furnishing alcohol to minors and could face jail time if convicted.  When news reporters contacted the homeowners, the woman said that police had given a "skewed" account of what happened.  When asked for further information, she refused to make any additional comment.
You may be wondering, how does anyone fit 100 teenagers into their house?  Easy to do if it's a mansion.  The home was pictured on Yahoo Under WMTW News, and the place is a mansion and then some!  I guess maybe these people think they are above the law because they are wealthy.  I'm sure all of you have seen stories about teenagers killed in drunk driving accidents or who have died from alcohol overdose;  every year around graduation  we lose a few needlessly.  And we've seen adults prosecuted for providing the alcohol, or a place to drink it.  Still, these people ignored all that and hosted this party!  I hope the judge throws the book at them!

Babies Busted?
Apparently, the use of Johnson and Johnson Baby Soaps and Shampoos can cause infants to test positive for marijuana.  The babies don't exhibit any symtoms consistent with marijuana use; it just seems that these baby products somehow interfere with the tests. 
No--Drinking baby shampoo will not make you high!  Although, don't be surprised if you fart bubbles!

High Roller with the Banks Dollars!
Bank of America experienced what they called "a glitch" transferring a customer's funds from another bank.  The customer who originally had $300 in his account, discovered the glitch and over a 15 day period withdrew $1.5 million from Casino ATMs, and gambled it all away!

 This dude had sh#t for brains!  Wouldn't you think that after he lost a thousand or two, he'd realize gambling wasn't the best idea?  Of course, withdrawing funds you know aren't yours isn't too swift, either.  He was obviously a few beers short of a six-pack!

Note:  The source for all stories above was Yahoo



Stephen Hayes said...

I agree with you about the court throwing the book at the rich people throwing the drunken party. Some of these kids could have died.

River said...

I'm pretty sure I could fit 100 teenagers into my one bedroom flat. Of course they wouldn't be able to move much more than wriggle a bit, and no-one could get anything to eat or drink, much less dance.
I wish my bank would "glitch" me $1.5m
I'd be too scared to spend it, but I could frame the balance statement and look at it forever afetr I gave the money back.

Brian Miller said...

the parents could say they were having a johnson & johnson that probably wont help....and in the end i hope they get it...esp since they let them drive after...

Gail said...

That is just sad. With that kind of rich they could have had a great party without breaking the law and putting young adults in danger.

Muffy's Marks said...

I hope they send those parents up the creek, without a paddle. How stupid, and what kind of example are they setting. Lots of wack-O's out there.

rosaria williams said...

It all starts with parenting!

mom2kmjx2 said...

The first story just makes me so mad. My sons father was killed by a drunk driver not underage but still just becuase your rich doesn't mean your above the law. The second wow who knew? I read the 3rd a while ago what a moron. Thanks for stopping by today.

Terri Sonoda said...

Hi Eva;
Sheesh. Parents hosting parties with their teenagers drinking just burns me up. And it seems the rich are the worst offenders. Stupid people!

Pat said...

Those parents SHOULD be arrested! The first thing parents usually ask when their kid says they are going to a party is, "Are the parents going to be home?" Yeah, lotta good that did here!

Kristi said...

It's amazing the messes that people get themselves into. These are all things that everyone should realize are ludicrous. Wow!