Friday, August 17, 2012

A Friday 'Fess-up

They say confession is good for the soul, so in the interest of healing my inner spirit, here goes:

I confess that I seem to be stuck in a rut where writing is concerned.  You may have noticed that I have cut back on my posting; where I used to write a new post every day I now only come up with material 5 days per week.  And one of those days, Saturday Silliness doesn't involve original material; I share jokes and cartoons that have come my way in hopes of giving you, my readers, a chuckle.  And then there's Silent Sunday, when I just post a favorite photo. That leaves 3 of 5 days to come up with something creative.
After 3 years of posting every day, I am struggling to type anything of consequence; have I maybe said it all?  Is the well empty?  I'm not sure.   I have two books started that are also at a standstill.  When I browse through my ebook "The Best of Wrestling With Retirement," I am pleased and proud of the work I have produced in the past.  I sometimes even marvel at my cleverness and wit.

The question is:  Where did that cleverness and wit go?  What happened to it?  Will I ever be that inspired again? 

Am I the only one struggling?  Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to recover my writing mojo?  Is there a magic writers' brew I could imbibe?  Come to think of it, several outstanding writers were alcoholics--maybe some serious drinking would help!  The only trouble with that theory is in summer heat, alcohol only makes me hotter---and not in a sexy, sultry kind of way; in a more in a sweaty arm-pit, hope-my-deodorant-holds-up-I-need-a-shower kind of way!




Stephen Hayes said...

Sorry to hear that you're going through a creative dry spell. When my creativity with painting dried up I waited and waited for inspiration. I'm still waiting and it's been ten years. I think I'll paint again but until then I've taken up writing. But three years of posting everyday has got to be a strain. Three times a week is plenty and gives you the opportunity to focus on quality. Maybe you should take a break for a week or two and then write just for the pleasure of it.

Alessandra said...

Well, at least you were able to get a post out of your writer's block. I know, sometimes I sound so positive I get on my own nerves....Have you thought about writing some of your experiences from the school years? 17 years in the classroom should have given you plenty of material to write 3 or 4 divine comedies....I know you writers feel you need to have a topic, but I just enjoy reading about your daily life, you're a very funny and clever writer, your life must be at least just as funny. :)

Coffee Slut said...

I hear ya ....I'm struggling too! Hang in there!

River said...

For sure you're not the only one struggling. I used to put something up every day, even if it was only a photo or two, now I'm mostly doing Whimsical Wednesdays and Sunday Selections, with other posts if the inspiration comes to me.

Al Penwasser said...

I really understand how you feel. I often wonder why I do this. I mean, it's not like I get paid. Then, I realize that, while I don't get paid in cash (or gum), I get paid with your comments (so keep 'em coming! Gee, I'm shameless). Sometimes, though, it feels like I'm just going through the motions or phoning it in (I could try to think of more cliches, if you like). The topics don't seem to come as easily as they once did. I just hope that whatever I write, though, doesn't suck. Well, doesn't suck TOO much. I'm trying to keep up the writing on my book, but I've come to a point there where I think I may want to take it in a new direction (I think it's a good direction, but...). This has affected my blogging to the point where I don't post nearly as often as I did. And one of those days is devoted to something I already post on Facebook ("Facebook Funnies"). It's a kind of a two-fer. Some of those work (like next week-which I think is pretty funny) and some don't work all that well (like the last one, to be honest). My best advice, though, is to keep your eyes open. I've been surprised how many times a topic will just fall into my lap. My cell phone is great on those occasions. It has a camera and a place where I can write notes. For example, I saw a commercial for testosterone cream, which I'll probably write about next week. Tomorrow's post is another example. I saw something last week which made me giggle. Voila! Blogger post. Keep it up, your stuff is great. Why else would I show up here (from your perspective, that's probably not a good thing)?

rosaria williams said...

I didn't notice any slow down. Perhaps because I too have slowed down, added new blogs to keep my curiosity alive, and have thought about quitting as well.

Well, perhaps a break of sorts wouldn't hurt.

femmefrugality said...

I think everyone goes through writers' block occasionally. I wouldn't worry! It'll come back. Posting seven days a week is A LOT to keep up with, too! I would be pretty happy with five a week, myself.

Reeni Pisano said...

That happens to me too Eva! It will pass don't worry. Sometimes you just need a bit of a break.

injaynesworld said...

Eva, I am EXACTLY in the same place. If I get one post a week done these days it's cause for champagne. And I haven't been able to pull a Sunday Recap out of my (size 4) ass in eons. Last summer, I shut the blog down for almost two months. Maybe it's seasonal. I don't know. But it does seem to pass eventually. Don't be too hard on yourself and know that you are definitely not alone, my fine witty friend.

Sue said...

We all have our dry spells, and I was getting a little jaded about my blog, too.

I finally shook things up by writing less and participating in a couple of regular memes. I feel like things should pick up again in the winter and when I'm a bit less awed by the unfamiliar presence of my hubby at home every day.

We all enjoy your postings; that's for sure!


Pat said...

I'm going through the same thing. Cutting down isn't so bad. It's the quality that matters....not the quantity! Take a breather for a week - get away from the computer - REALLY! You'll get some inspiration!