Friday, August 10, 2012

Flaunting My Fiction Friday

Here we go with another bout of flagrant self-promotion!

This time, I've published a short story on Kindle and Nook.  The name of it is "The Summer Playground."  This one is PG rated and would qualify as young adult fiction.  The title refers to an ice cream shop/miniature golf course complex which serves as a teen summer vacation hangout. 

Tammy Carlo is home for the summer and trying to earn money for her second year of college.  She has her future planned out with a fellow student whose fraternity pin she wears on her shirt pocket.  Then the Playground's 'Cassanova' decides she will be his next conquest.

I published this with the intention of offering it as a freebie, hoping to entice readers to buy my other books, but both Amazon and Kindle require a minimum price of $0.99.  As a result, once I'd published it, I had no choice but to put that price tag on it.

If you have a Kindle and are interested in taking a peek at The Summer Playground, click here.

If you have a Nook and are intrested in taking a peek, click here.   ( I apologize that in this instance, I couldn't get my cover to publish.)

Thanks for reading!


Stephen Hayes said...

You have a remarkably fertile imagination, a wealth of ideas.

rosaria williams said...

Yes, a fertile imagination!

Suzanne said...

Hi Eva! Thanks for dropping by! My parents are both retired, so it was kind of refreshing to find your blog!

So glad you found me on SITS! :)

Unknown Mami said...

I love how productive you are in retirement.

Angie (GrowingTween) said...

Wow! This is great- I'm going to check out your book for my tweens, who- as you know from your comment on my blog- are always reading. Thanks for stopping by. I've had a great time chuckling over your blog this afternoon, thanks!