Wednesday, August 15, 2012

WTF Wednesday

Once again, I shake my head at items in the news that cause me to shake my head and ask, "What the F#ck?"

In Whitehall, Pennsylvania, a bride to be has been charged with murder for allegedly stabbing her groom-to-be just hours before the wedding.  In the heat of an argument, she stabbed him twice in the chest with a kitchen knife; one of the wounds punctured his heart.  When told the man had died, she cried and sobbed, "I didn't kill him on purpose!"

Now we know why it's considered bad luck for the groom to see the bride on the wedding day prior to the ceremony!


Was it just me, or did the closing ceremony of the Olympics seem to go on, and on , and on......?  I'm still trying to figure out what anorexic-looking fashion models have to do with the wonderfully fit and muscular athletic men and women we'd been watch for the past couple of weeks.


In Rome, Maine, a New Hampshire man had been hunting a nuisance squirrel with a .22-caliber handgun, when he put the gun back in the holster which was fitted inside his pants and went back into his camp.  He sat down in his chair to watch tv.  He heard the gun go off and felt a burning sensation in his posterior.  He than realized he'd shot himself in the butt.  Friends helped him get to the hospital where the staff removed the bullet from his buttocks! 

I wondered if he was watching Jersey Shore and decided to shoot himself! He's very lucky that holster was in his rear pocket!

At a Fair in Ohio, and alligator trainer was demonstrating how quick the reptile's reflexes are by inserting his arm in the gator's mouth and removing it quickly; turns out the alligator's reflexes were faster than the trainer's and he got bit!  He survived with minor injuries. 

Gee...put your arm in an alligator's mouth and it might bite you......who knew?


Then I ran across this photo of Richard Simmons:




Stephen Hayes said...

I've been saying WTF about Richard Simmons for far too many years.

Al Penwasser said...

Outfielders for the Chicago Cubs have been complaining for years about that Richard Simmons distraction.
I think that Pennsylvania bride wanted to kill him by accident.
The squirrel probably laughed his nuts off.

rosaria williams said...

Without these distractions life would be way too predictable.

Brian Miller said...

that is such an interesting outfit....scared....and bwahaha on shooting himself in the butt...

River said...

That Richard Simmons photo trumps the rest in WTF-edness.

Just Keepin It Real, Folks! said...

Is that a butterfly on Richard's shoulder? If so, what great accessorizing!!!!

Emily said...

Lol. You crack me up!

Note to bride: You cannot return the bridal shower gifts that have blood on them!

Unknown Mami said...

It's hard to see Richard Simmons, he's so well camouflaged.

Laura said...

WTF is right. WTF Wednesday- so much better than Wordless Wednesday. Love it. :)

A Beer for the Shower said...

That's still not the weirdest thing I've ever seen Richard Simmons in. Frankly, I think it'd be weirder to see him in a suit and tie acting normal.

Sue said...

Richard Simmons is one unique individual.


Pat said...

I can't stop laughing over Al's comments!

Richard Simmons? Too much!

glnroz said...

are you serious????(richard simmons)...omg,,wtf for sure...

She Writes said...

Richard Simmons has been negatively affected by calorie deprivation, there is no other explanation.

Why oh why did the bride to be just not break off the relationship? Incredible... What was she intending?!