Wednesday, August 22, 2012

WTF Wednesday

Things today that made me wonder, WTF???

Did you know that Sylvester Stallone's Mom is an astrologer and psychic whose area of expertise is Rumpology?  Yep, she's the best butt-reader around.  She says the crevices, dimples (cellulite?), and folds she finds on your "trunk junk" enable her to predict the future! 

Hmmm....Having "perused" my posterior in the full-length (and width!) mirror, I think that's a story I'll skip, thank you very much!  Anyone out there willing to bare their buttocks to sooth-sayer surveillance?

Beach Beauties?

No, it's not an alien invasion; it's the face-kini!   The new rage among the Chinese.  Apparently in their culture, tanned skin represents a life of outdoor "peasant work," while pale skin represents luxury and success.

 So all you tanning-bed induced dark-skinned losers out there need to "lighten up!"  Personally, I guess I'll rely on sun-screen for protection rather than one of these goulish face-kinis!


Potty Protest Down Under!

Twelve people in bowler hats and black suits brought their own "johns" and staged a "sit in" (no, I didn't misspell sh*t in!) to protest the inadequate public facilities at Adelaide beach.  Remember, this is winter in Australia!

 These guys, dropping their drawers and placing their posteriers on porcelain, are in real danger of freezing their fannies for the sake of getting their message out there! 

It's a shame they must bare their butts to the breeze to get the government to finance "facilities!"  (Of course, these could be prime prospects for the Rumpologist!)


The Lebron X

Nike has just "done it!"  They've designed a new sneaker with electronics that can measure how high a player can jump.  They are calling it "The Lebron X," and are pricing the product at $315 per pair.

 I'm sorry, but unless Nike can GUARANTEE that my grandson can actually playbasketball as well as Lebron James, I'm afraid he won't be finding a pair of these under the Christmas tree this year!

Like I said, WTF??

All of the above photos and news come from Yahoo.


Stephen Hayes said...

Is Rumpology a real thing? I know they used to read bumps on people's heads so I guess it's possible.

She Writes said...

I confess! I want to be a rumpologist--for men only :)! HAH!

River said...

That rumpologist can keep her hands off my rump!
I'm curious about the face-kini, they're keeping their faces pale but allowing the arms and shoulders to tan? Seems a bit odd.
I wonder which Adelaide beach that is? I don't recognise the covered pier. Adelaide has 24 beaches, more if you count the "north" and "south" sections of the same long, long, beaches. And thank you to those men for pointing out the lack of facilities at most of them.

Brian Miller said...

oh my.....imagine if they froze to the porcelin...eep...seriously not interested in being a rumpologist...

Just Keepin It Real, Folks! said...

I think Mrs. Stallone needs to wear a face-kini 24/7. YEE GADS, she has the sorta face that would scar little children for life!!!!

Kristie said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! Your posts are a riot and I look forward to following you and reading more!

Jennifer Richardson said...

So... if I were Chinese, my pale facade would be a symbol of wealth and prestige? Why must I continuously rub elbows with these dark-skinned American peasants?

Al Penwasser said...

Wow, I didn't know Sylvester Stallone's mom was Carrot Top.
By the way, all those dudes sitting on a toilet bowl on a beach...?
I did it by mySELF on a street.
Been there.
Done that.

Alessandra said...

I wonder what future she predict for Sly, when she looked at his bare butt. You know you can't trust the chinese, they are freaking backwards, don't they know that dark is beautiful? Those masks really make me say WTF?

jEN said...

Oh, my...Mrs. Stalone....I would hate to see what her "butt" looks like!!!!
Well.kudos to those men.....I am almost speechless!
Wow...I know I would not go swimming if those....whatevers....were a MUST..

Jessica {Team Rasler} said...

A friend of mine was just telling me about those face-kinis. They are even freakier-looking than I'd imagined! Yikes!

Love the gathering of weird things going on in the world!

agapewoman said...

Nike should sit down with that mess....