Wednesday, August 29, 2012

WTF Wednesday

Once agine, things that make  me scratch my head and say "What the F*ck?"

A man In Montana named Randy Lee Tenley was killed when he was struck by two cars while wandering on Highway 93 in a camouflage suit which resembled vegetation or foliage.  The state trooper  at the scene says apparently his goal was to make people think he was "Sasquatch."  It's not known whether this was his first time playing this prank.

Sounds like Sasquatch became Sasquash!   You can't make these things up!


According Florida Atlantic University and the Online Privacy Foundation research, your Twitter vocabulary can identify you as a psychopath.  Using words like bury, die, and kill can indicate that you are a closet psychopath.  

I'm shaking in my shoes that the men in the white coats are after me, because I recall tweeting at one point that the Gingerbread Cheesecake I made last Thanksgiving was "to die for," and I'm sure I must have at one time or another that I would kill for a Lindt Chocolate Truffle.   So if I disappear, look for me in lockup!  I may have to give up 'tweeting' altogether!


A nineteen year-old boy was beaten and had his lips stapled together after having admitted to being Jewish.  East Lansing Michigan Police say they do not believe this was a hate crime.

Okay, but it sure dosn't sound like an act of love!  Unless of course, it wasn't a "legitimate" stapling.,


By now, you've all seen photos of Prince Harry partying in the nude in his hotel in Vegas.  What about that promo that says, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?" 

I know...that's not a picture of Prince Harry up there.  Sorry, ladies, I refused to embarras the Prince any further!




Kathy Penney said...

Thanks for the laugh! Must remember to watch my tweets from now on. Stopping by after you kindly visited my place. Kathy Penney @ Pinner Takes All

Brian Miller said...

hmmm...wonder if they are watching me yet? smiles....ha....err sasquatch, wonder if he was looking for a slim jim?

A Beer for the Shower said...

According to those research companies, I'm a closet psychopath. I say that I'm an out and proud psychopath. Now where's this Gingerbread Cheesecake that people are killing each other over...? said...

I live in Montana, sadly this is true. Makes my home state of Kentucky look pretty normal.

Pat said...

I could NOT believe that story of Sasquatch. The last I heard, the police were checking into whether the man had been drunk.

River said...

That lip stapling and beating sure sounds like a hate crime to me!! How can people do such things to other people? Don't they think first, "hey, what if this was me or my brother/sister? would I want this to happen?" The world is a scary place....

Joanna Jenkins said...

Ha! So that's another reason whey I don't twitter. The lingo would definitely have me locked up!

And a very happy belated birthday, Eva. I hope it was wonderful.

xo jj

Crack You Whip said...


I love Montana, though, but it will never be the same for me.