Friday, September 7, 2012

Flaunting Fiction Friday

Today I'm not flaunting my fiction.  I'm flaunting the fiction of a fellow blogger.  Bryan Pedas of A Beer for the Shower writes a totally quirky blog accompanied by clever cartoons, humor, and the ongoing saga of Slim Dyson, a homeless writer.

A while back I read another of his books, The Missing Link, which I did enjoy, but the book I'm touting today is called Demetri and the Banana-Flavored Rocket Ship.  After having read the Missing Link, I was totally surprised by Demetri and the Banana-Flavored Rocket Ship.  The name of the book totally had me fooled.  I expected something totally off the wall and wacky; this was a well-written novel with interesting characters and an endearing plot.

Here's some of what is available on Amazon about the book:

"Demetri Gainer is suffering from a terminal case of frugality. He has more than most—a million dollars, a house in a beautiful community, and a loving sister. Unfortunately, his money is in wads of cash left behind by his dead family, his house is a rusted metal trailer dumped off in the corner of a very unhappy yuppie housing development, and his sister is severely disabled and unable to do much more than eat her weight in food and watch cartoons. Because taking care of her is its own full time job, he has to make that million dollars last for the rest of his life, even if it means not having one of his own.

But it’s not just money hindering Demetri’s life. The community’s Home Owner’s Association is making every attempt to rid him from his eyesore of a home, citing an outdated, archaic law stating that only wholesome, married families are able to care for a disabled child. In order to keep his sister and his home, Demetri needs a wife, fast."

"The obvious choice is the pretty neighbor girl that adores Demetri and his frugal ways, but to Demetri, the obvious answer is the Internet, where he stumbles upon a poorly written website advertising the perfect mail-order-bride: one who will ask of nothing, keep to herself, and cost nothing to keep happy, identified as Mai Keungern by the website. Thinking Mai is his only option, he sends away for her, and when she comes, via a shipping crate sent halfway around the world, he finds out that she’s just a blowup doll. Mai Keungern simply means ‘no refunds’ in Thai.

With the HOA Nazis sniffing out answers, Demetri has no choice but to breathe some life (and some air) into Mai and pass her off as his wife, even giving her a personality—one he can’t stand. And so with a little help from the girl down the street and a lot of therapy from an angry blowup doll, Demetri will face everything he hates about his frugality—in the form of inflatable plastic—as he attempts to balance the responsibilities of caring for his sister and relearn the simple, once forgotten joys of life."

Parts of this book had me chuckling; the chapter where Demetri invites his nemesis, Harvey Dinkleman and his family to dinner and introduces them to his "wife" had me laught out loud to the point of tears!  Byan has created a wonderful character in Demetri; he is shy, likeable, and unique, just like this novel.  If you like a heartwarming story interlaced with humor, you'll love this book!

I was in no way compensated for this review; in fact, I bought the Kindle book from Amazon with my own money.  I just liked it so much I wanted to tell others about it.  Click here if you want to check out this book on Amazon.  (You can look inside it at amazon; the picture above does not connect to the book.)

Happy reading!



Stephen Hayes said...

This sounds like something I should check out.

rosaria williams said...

It has a certain flair that would appeal to many young people.

A Beer for the Shower said...

Thanks for posting this, thanks for reading the book, and thanks for reviewing it! I really do appreciate all the kind words. It reaffirms my decision to be an unemployed writer - poor but doing what I love.

Sue said...

Now, THAT'S an original!