Wednesday, September 26, 2012


This is the day of the week when I share news items that have made me scratch my head and ask
"What the f*ck?'

The parent of a teenage girl at Springtown High School in Fort Worth, Texas is upset that her daughter was paddled by a male assistant principal.  Spanking?  And at the high school level??  I had no idea that corporal punishment is legal in 19 states including Texas!

  The punishment was meted out because the girl helped another student cheat on a test.   The parent had agreed to the corporal punishment (parents must provide a signed letter stating they do not want their kids subject to corporal punishment!), but says the administrator was in violation of a school policy which states that corporal punishment--in this case paddling--must be done by a person of the same sex as the recipient.   The mother says her daughter's butt was blistered and that men are too strong to be spanking girls.

 The school superintendent is trying to get the rule changed on the grounds there are not enough female administrators to administer the "paddlings."   WTF???  This just strikes me as wrong on so many levels.   I tried to find some free clip art of someone being spanked  to accompany this item, but everything I tuned up was kinky sex-related....which reinforces my feeling that this is WRONG!   Any one else have any thoughts?


What's happening to kids sports?  A Southern California Pop Warner football program was paying their players for making "big hits."  The Orange County Register reports that the coaches of the Tustin Red Cobras a 10 and 11 year olds team offered cash payments to players who successfully knocked out specific players from opposing teams.  Unbelievable!  Well, I guess if the New Orleans Saints did it, that makes it okay.  WTF?


Then there was the guy who became obsessed with tigers and "wanted to be one with the tiger."  He jumped off the monorail which tours over the tiger encampment at the zoo in his city.  The tiger bit him several times on the arms, legs and back, sending the message that the cat was not in the market for a new BFF.  Zoo keepers say the tiger could easily have killed the man, had it chosen to do so and said the fellow is lucky to be alive! WTF was he thinking????



Brian Miller said...

it does not surprise me on kids son playing footballl...i worked the chains this week which meant i had to do it on the opposing teams side... and the things the parents were yelling at the kids and at me...i was lucky to get out alive...

Just Keepin It Real, Folks! said...

Football is brutal but I LOVE IT!!!! At my kid's Pop Warner game there is always a lady who yells, "Hit Somebody" and "Kill 'Em Baby". She shut up purty quick when one of our players broke her kid's leg from a clean hit.

River said...

Holy Heck! x3
The school paddlings should never ever be happening, not at any grade level!
Kids being paid to knock each other out?? Jail the coach!
The tiger man was just plain stupid.

Stephen Hayes said...

That guy would certainly have been "one" with the tiger if it had eaten him.

runawaybride said...

Maybe the mother had made made advances to the male assistant principal to spank her and he must have refused.

Kimberly said...

I don't agree that the teen was paddled. Yes she should have been punished but getting a paddle to the rear?
Are we living in the stone age or something? That's too excessive.
If anyone should need a paddling it would be that stupid man who wanted to be one with the tigers. Weird.

SherilinR said...

spanking by schools is horrible to me!

Kristina P. said...

WE were talking about this at work. 20 states still have corporal punishment. How crazy is that?!?

Pat said...

Corporal punishment is downright wrong, and in HIGH SCHOOL yet? Geez. A Male spanking a female? He's getting satisfaction out of that and don't tell me otherwise!

That is AWFUL about the football!

The Frisky Virgin said...

No way should corporal punishment be permitted. I'm really stunned it's still allowed. Really, really stunned.

Definitely don't agree with a 'bounty-esque' in football at any level. Extremely surprising it's being encouraged at such a young age.

Sadly, I'll bet tiger-dude will still believe he's 'one' with the tiger because it didn't kill him. Sigh. Some screws are just to loose to tighten back up, I'm afraid. :/

injaynesworld said...

Yeah, that tiger guy was a real moron. I could care less if he got killed, but he endangered the tiger because zookeepers probably would have shot it in order to save that guy's sorry, stupid ass if they had to.