Friday, October 26, 2012

NBA Fan Friday

If you've been hanging around these parts a while, then you know I am a huge fan of the Boston Celtics.    I subscribe to their newsletter and follow their activities, year 'round.  Mr. Eva is very understanding and has no problem with the fact that I love these guys! 

Doc Rivers is often called the best coach in the NBA, and the fact that the Celtics have been in the running for the NBA championship year after year, and have already won under his tutelage in the past backs that up. 

Paul Pierce, the team captain, is definitely a future Hall of Famer and leads his teammates with skill and determination.  He is referred to as "The Truth."

Kevin Garnet, another future Hall of Famer, also known as "The Big Ticket" is the most seasoned player on the team and besides being an outstanding player serves as a mentor and personal coach to the younger big men on the team.  He has been known to spend hours after regular practice working with the rookies--teaching them his techniques and helping them to improve.  He's also their oldest player on the team.

Rajon Rondo is the point guard and floor leader of the team.  He's amazing and has moves that are so fast that sometimes you have to watch a slow motion replay to see what he did!  He has the highest average number of assists (passes to a teammate that result in a basket scored) in the NBA.  At age 26, he probably has not yet even reached the peak of his game!

There have been some great acquisitions to the team this year, including Jason Terry, known as the Jet, who's also fast and a killer 3-point shooter.

Jeff Green is another great addition.  He was out all of last year due to heart surgery, but is back this year, better than ever!

Brandon Bass is returning and he's an excellent defender and has a pretty jump shot.

Jared Sullinger is a new young player who has shown a lot of promise in the preseason.  We can expect him to have an impact on the team, for sure.

Another newbie to the team is Courtney Lee who I expect will be scoring many "fast break" points this season.

There are other players such as Fab Melo, Darko Milicic, Chris Wilcox, Kris Joseph, Jason Collins, and Leandro Barbosa who bring a lot of depth to the team.  And of course, last year's spark plug, Avery Bradley, who made a name for himself as an outstanding defender, will be rejoining the team in a month or so, after having had surgery on both shoulders.

This year's team has an excellent combination of veterans and young blood with great talent and will definitely be a force to contend with during this season.   The first game for the Celtics is this Sunday evening against the reigning champions, the Miami Heat.  I'll be sitting in my recliner watching, cheering, and loving it all; of that you can be certain!



Stephen Hayes said...

I like basketball but I wish they could eliminate the sound of those squeaky shoes on the wooden court. It's like fingernails on a backboard.

Dazee Dreamer said...

I love the Utah Jazz. But I get so into the games, that I've been know to yell at the TV, and don't even ask me what I do during the playoffs. Lets just say, the family usually votes on whether or not I'm allowed to watch the game.

Wow, that was awkward said...

Go Nuggets!

Brian Miller said...

it is good they are mixing in the young, it will keep it consistent over time....the NBA kinda lost my love a few years basketball all the way...smiles.

River said...

Jeff Green is playing after heart surgery?? He puts me and my wimpy aching legs to shame!
I like the fast paced action on the courts, but I don't understand the rules of the game (any sports).
I like the green shirts better than the white ones too.

rosaria williams said...

Go girl! Be sure not to get too excited and break something when your team wins or loses unexpectedly.

The Flying Chalupa said...

It makes me feel old to see that Kevin Garnett is considered old. I remember when he was a rookie!

Alessandra said...

NO doubt the Celtics are a basketball powerhouse, but the best coach par none has to be the Zen master, even though he's now retired. Go Lakers!

Sue said...

Good luck to your Celtics. I think you know I'm a Laker fan, but we have fond memories of our rivalry with the Celtics. I actually like their team.