Wednesday, October 10, 2012

WTF Wednesday

Every now and then things in the news cause me to scratch my head and ask, "What the F*ck?" And on Wednesdays, I like to share those WTF moments with you!

Jeffery M. McMullen (Police handout)

A man in Pennsylvania walked into his local bank and handed the teller a note demanding one dollar.  The tellers thought it was a joke, but an account opener spoke with him and said he wanted to rob the bank for a buck.  His aim was to get sent to Federal prison, although it was not clear why. 

Maybe he wanted a free ride?  Or he could have been longing for some masculine loving?  Or maybe he'd heard good things about prison food and his wife was a bad cook!  Your guess is as good as mine!


Scary Beautiful?

Just an ordainary pair of pumps.....     Actually, these shoes were designed as part of Amsterdam student  Leanie van der Vyver as part of her graduating thesis.  The point of her thesis was to show "that people are not satisfied with what they look like, and that perfection, according to the beauty and fashion standards, has reached a climax. Humans are playing God by physically and metaphorically perfecting themselves...."

The scary part is the shoes actually won a design award; don't be surprised if the show up on the runway at the next "Fashion Week."


Carme Cristina Lima, a candidate running for a city council position in Brazil, was arrested when she was caught handing out leaflets with instructions on how to vote for her with packets of cocaine attached.  I guess she had "high hopes" of getting elected!


I don't even have a comment to go with this one!

It showed up on Facebook, and I'm still scratching my head!


(all of the above items, with the exception of the last one, came from yahoo news.)



Just Keepin It Real, Folks! said...

Just look at the picture of the bank robber. That 70's porn stash tells it all. He's gonna be the first one to drop the soap in the shower and he ain't interested in what that little coochie momma is postin' on facebook.

Jenny said...

I think the robber wanted free air condioning, free food, free room and board...he just might get his wish. The rest of the post speaks for itself in pictures!!!

Queenie Jeannie said...

LOL!!! These were great!

Gail said...

This is why I avoid the news and facebook.

You found some winners.

Kimberly said...

I totally just saw those shoes on's main page.
The hell?
How is she even upright and are her ankles broken???

Christa aka The BabbyMama said...

Maybe he already had a special friend in federal prison and he was hoping they'd end up as roommates?

Terri Sonoda said...

Love your WTF Wednesdays! Those shoes make me dizzy. And that last item....shaking my head. There are just no words.

SherilinR said...

omg, that chick taking her pic is wretched! what is she thinking!

Brian Miller said...

omg....uh those shoes look like they might hurt you know...a buck...oy...people wanting to get into prison...

Al Penwasser said...

I hear those Telephone OB-GYNs are wicked convenient.

Terminally Ill said...

I followed your blog 4 suuuure. Check out my band Terminally Ill on the blog that I wrote about them.

Stephen Hayes said...

Twatter account? Good one!

Simone said...

Scary thought...stealing a dollar to go to prison. I would think it would be all of the above that he is wanting.

Dawn @Lighten Up! said...

HahaHAAA...Twatter account. Thanks, Eva, you made my day!!!

Sue said...

Those shoes are outrageous!

And the last one is equally so, for different reasons.

Well done.


River said...

Those are shoes???
Dear God, they look downright dangerous!
Do they send people to prison for a $1 bank robbery?
I'm guessing the woman is proving that she did get brave enough to have that brazilian wax. (I hope).

Kat Biggie said...


injaynesworld said...

These are good ones. The robber was probably in need of free health care. The shoes should be called "suicide pumps." As for that last one -- yeah. Better left unsaid.

Pat said...

Have you seen some of the prisons lately? Some of them are really nice (not that I've been in one LATELY) - just seen pictures! This guy just wanted three squares a day and a roof over his head. Probably couldn't find a job in today's economy!

re: photo of woman taking a photo of her who-ha: twatter! hahahahahaha!