Monday, November 26, 2012

A Thanksgiving Ditty

‘Twas the night before Turkey Day, and in every cranny and nook
Could be found something delicious prepared by the cook!
Every counter and surface held precious goodies placed there:
Chocolate chip cookies and fudge, pies of apple and pear!

A huge turkey was baking in the oven on low,
Stuffing and squash in the fridge, all set to go.
Potatoes were peeled in a pot left to soak,
A feast in the making; this was no joke!

Mamma in her nightie had crawled into bed,
With visions of disaster spinning round in her head.
Would the stuffing be dry? Be the bird under done?
Worries besieged her until way after One.

Sleep finally kicked in around quarter to Two,
And she and Pa snored, which was nothing new!
Mamma awakened at half past three—
Never could sleep all night without having to pee!

She climbed back in bed and went right back to sleep.
The morning sun soon started to creep
Through the crack in the curtains to shine in her eyes,
Giving her clue it was time to arise.

The family was coming, time to prepare:
Place a cloth on the table, and dust off each chair.
No time for breakfast, too much to do—
Pa had to go out for a doughnut or two!

The table was set with plates, forks and knives;
Wine opened to breathe ‘til the family arrives.
The patter of feet, a knock on the door,
And in come the grand-kids that Mama lives for!

The kitchen rings with laughs, hugs and kisses;
Ma and Pa load the table with sumptuous dishes.
Everything’s perfect; there was no need to worry,
Turkey is succulent, as is stuffing and cranberry!

Mashed potatoes and gravy, and yummy yeast rolls,
The table’s soon covered with near empty bowls.
The pies are a hit and so is the fudge,
We've eaten so much we can’t even budge!

We’re grateful for family, for grand-kids to love,
We've so many blessings from heaven above.
Another Thanksgiving with those we hold dear—
We pray we’ll all be here again for next year!

an original poem by Eva Gallant


Stephen Hayes said...

Thanks for a holiday poem to set the mood for fun, food and friendship.

River said...

What a wonderful poem! You really are clever! I like the gifs too. When is Thanksgiving exactly? Is it a set date in November? Or moveable, like Mother's Day is always the second Sunday in May here regardless of the date.

Brian Miller said...

i love your poems...they make me smiles....i hope you and yours have a great thanksgiving...and hopefully you get a bit more sleep...and no tummy ache

Coffee Slut said...

Too cute!
Have a Blessed holiday!

Nellie @ Brooklyn Active Mama said...

Happy Thanksgiving! What a great poem!!

misssrobin said...

Beautifully said! Best wishes for a wonderful holiday. Enjoy the day.

Pat said...

I saw the fine print that YOU wrote that poem. You should put that in BIG print! That was great! Have a very Happy Thanksgiving! I am assuming you will be spending it with your family.

Jenny said...

Beautifully done, Eva. Happy Thanksgiving to you! Enjoy your day.

Ginny Marie said...

Oh, yes, I can relate! I always worry the night before a holiday I'm hosting!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sue said...

So much fun! I hope you guys have a terrific Thanksgiving!


PS. If you get a minute, hop on over and read my Christmas story poem. I put it up early this year. (And leave your music on, okay? It adds to the atmosphere...)

fishducky said...

Mea culpa--mea massima culpa! I have seen your comments on my blog but never bothered to check yours until today. I'M NOW A FOLLOWER!!

Joanna Jenkins said...

That's my kind of poem and a perfectly painted picture of my kind of Thanksgiving. Well done.

I hope your holiday is wonderful, Eva, and you get to enjoy it with your loved ones.

Happy Thanksgiving! xo jj

Poppy said...

Happy Thanksgiving Eva!

retired not tired said...

Fabulous. What a talent!

Reeni Pisano said...

Great poem! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving Eva!

joy said...

What a lovely post of thansgiving:)