Wednesday, December 5, 2012

WTF Wednesday

Every now and then, I read a news item that makes me scratch my head and ask "What the F*ck??  Here are this week's head scratchers:

Brilliant Bank Robber Busted!

Nineteen year old Hannah Sabata stole a car and then robbed a bank, walking out with $6000.  But she didn't stop there; she made a video bragging about her crime and flashing the cash.  And no, she didn't stop there:  she posted it on UTube.  In the video, she was wearing the same clothes she wore during the robbery.  Guess what?  Hannah was arrested! (DUH!)  Authorities say they recovered all but $30.00.


Miss BumBum 2012

Apparently Brazilians are extremely fond of the female posterior, because this is the second year they have held a contest to find the best "bumbum" (which is their local slang term for the female butt.)

This year Carine Felizardo was crowned the winner of the cheeky contest.  Felizardo's bottom rose to the top in a field of 15 contestants after the judges (6 women and 5 men) perused the presented posteriors.

Miss BumBum accepted the honor tearfully, thanking the judges and those who believed in her buns.


Art and Body Paint

That one left me speechless!  It's amazing and grotesque at the same time!

The first two items come from the Huffington Post; the second from the website ODDEEE



River said...

Hannah is a Dum-dum; Carine Feliz...has an impressive Bum-Bum, and that body Art painting is ummm-ummm, unique.

Brian Miller said...

um yeah the body art one...i just hope they washed their feet you know...smiles...the robber on youtube is ridiculous but could totally see it happening...

Kimberly said...

I wanna win the bum bumm...wait no I don't. Pass me another cookie please

Just Keepin It Real, Folks! said...

I hear Hannah's Rhodes Scholarship is now being rescinded because of her criminal record, and I'm SO suing Carine for using my photo for her own purposes!!!!

Stephen Hayes said...

Hannah should teach a course on how NOT to rob a bank. That human artwork leaves me speechless.

Mommy, for real. said...

Wow, that last one took me a minute! I'm speechless!

fishducky said...

Huh?, just huh?!!!

Along These Lines ..... said...

Wow. The world just keeps getting weirder.

rosaria williams said...

You never fail to surprise me!

Jenny said...

Hey cool,,,that poor blonde! The ART....what can one say....except Hope they used deodorant@!!!!!!

The Frisky Virgin said...

Okay, first and foremost--I thought you had disappeared!!! Your blog went all missing when I clicked on it. PANIC.

I managed to overcome my serious lack of technical stuff and here you are! Yeah, I'm a dork. Big time.

The body art is, well, wow. Not sure there are words! The bum-bum one just makes me want to hit the Christmas cookies, not the gym.

Eva Gallant said...

Frisky! Nice to see you back. I'm loving Jason Terry! He's been a great addition to the Celtics!

Jenny: What's a little body odor among friends! lol

Rosaria: I try!

ATL: I agree!

fishducky: Ditto!

Stephen: It is strange, isn't it!

Keepin It Real: You devil, you!

Kimberly: Are they chocolate chip cookies?

Brian: The Utube thing was so stupid of her.

River: Very clever!

Gail said...

I would say this is a complete list of dumb bums, each and every one.

Amazing job doing this research for us.

Paula Jones said...

1. Yes, she's blond! geez!!!
2. that has to be implants, doesn't it??
3. Uhhhhhhhh