Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sunday Mourning

I am in mourning; mourning the Celtics loss in game 6 of the playoffs and mourning the end of their season.  Oh, I'll probably watch some more playoff games; I'll root for the Indiana Pacers because one of my former students is their Head Strength and Conditioning Coach.  And then I'll have to hang around and see if any team can beat the Miami Heat.

In the meantime, here's a tribute to my Guys in Green (in alphabetical order):

Brandon Bass, the big man in the front line; not the tallest, but look at those arms and shoulders!  And he can drop a nice jump shot, score from the foul line, and muscle his way through the opposition.

Avery Bradley at 22 is already considered the fiercest defender in the NBA.  He came through with some big steals and buckets during game 6 of the playoffs and helped close the gap when the Celtics were down by 26 points!
Jordan Crawford came to the Celtics halfway through the season and made his presence known with some wild baskets!
Kevin Garnett, 37 years old is a 17-year veteran of the NBA.  The heart and soul of the Celtics, he is a mentor to the younger players, as well as a tenacious competitor.  His team mates love playing with him; opponents respect his skill but hate playing against him!  He grabbed 19 rebounds in game 6 of the playoffs.
Jeff Green missed all of last season due to open heart surgery; he amazed everyone with the huge comeback he made this year.  He scored 20 points or more in most games the second half of the season; his speed and athleticism make him a joy to watch.
Courtney Lee, although inconsistent, did show us flashes of brilliance at both ends of the court, as well as from behind the 3-point line.

Fab Melo a 7-foot export from Brazil has made a major impact in the D-League here in Portland, Maine, playing as a part of the Red Claws.  He didn't get much court time with the Celtics, but maybe next year!
Paul Pierce the captain and leader of the Celtics.  Known for making clutch shots when they are needed.  He wants to retire as a Celtic, and although he may be traded to another team, hopes he'll be offered a one-day contract from the Boston team when the day comes so he can retire in Green.

Shavlick Randolph, another Chinese League import who came to the Celtics late in the season, showed some promise for next year in his limited play time.

Rajan Rondo, arguably the best point guard in the league, had to sit out this entire season due to serious knee surgery.  I can't wait to see him back at full speed next season!

Jared Sullinger had a promising start to the season this year, but was sidelined with a back injury.  He has had surgery and should be a big factor for the Celtics next fall.

D.J. White also acquired late in the season, didn't see much playing time, but may be back next year.

Chris Wilcox during the season made some major blocks and pitched in when needed.

And last but not least, Terrance Williams, another late addition, showed promise as a back up point guard.  He's fast and strong and can make an impact.

Friday night's game was unbelievable.  The Celtics have been counted out so many times this year.  When Rondo was injured, the doubters declared their season was over; Sullinger had to have back surgery, and again the non-believers said the Celts would never make the playoffs.

They say "Never underestimate the heart of a Champion."  The Celtics just kept grinding and working and finally, despite numerous injuries, did make the playoffs.  They lost the first 3 games to the New York Knicks, and again, many thought they were done.  But they wouldn't give up.  The fought back and won games 4 and 5, and in the last quarter of game 6 when they were down by 26 points, dug in and fought their way back, went on a 24 to 2 point run and closed the gap to just 4 points!  (Needless to say, I was jumping up and down and screaming!)  But they lost.  They lost, but they didn't roll over and give up; they went down fighting, because that's what Celtics do.

Just 7 months 'til training camp.....and the 2013-2014 season.  You can bet I will be glued to my tv, cheering them on again.  If only I could afford court-side tickets; I'd be at the Boston Garden in a heart beat!  Hear that, Celtics?  Anyone want to offer your oldest and most fanatic fan a couple of tickets?



Brian Miller said...

nice...know i was rooting for you...bulls got the heat next...they split regular season, so...but with so many out i dont have high hopes...but....

Al Penwasser said...

Sorry to hear about your season coming to a close. Sadly the only reason I knew the Celtics were in the playoffs was that I had to fight THOUSANDS for a parking space in Boston on the 26th. I'm paying more attention to baseball.
And never driving in Boston during the playoffs ever again.

Sue said...

Sorry your Celtics are out. We were rooting for them once the Lakers bit the dust. We had so many injuries it wasn't even the same team any more.

Ah well, next year, right??


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
...uh oh. Commiserations. You definitely need to get on that coaching team for next season!! YAM &*>

Stephen Hayes said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. Maybe next time.

Unknown Mami said...

My condolences.

Alessandra said...

Man, somebody is really into her basketball uh? I stopped following when Kobe got hurt, not that they had any splendid season or anything....Better luck next year..:)

Kimberly said...

I'm not a fan of watching basketball (I'm a baseball girl)but your heart is surely in this :)
I get mad at my husband when he tells me that when you're in your thirties you're considered almost too old.
Psssha....some of those "old" players are better than the youngins.

Jennifer West said...

Hi Eva, thanks so much for stopping into to today. I love it when the SITStahs stop in for a visit. :-) (Sorry about the loss...I can't follow basketball because I am a complete college football freak and I cannot add anymore sports!)

A Beer For The Shower said...

I'm sorry to hear they lost. The only thing I care about overall is that LeBron doesn't win. Outside of that, basketball just isn't my bread and butter. :)

Audrey said...

lol, I am not into sports enough to know the names of any team members but I applaud you for being so devoted to the Celtics!

The Dose of Reality said...

I never got into basketball. I grew up in St. Louis and since we didn't have a basketball team we were in to baseball, football, and hockey. (all teams we had) You are a true fan and it's so fun to read this post!! Sorry about your beloved Celtics season coming to an end. NEXT YEAR!!!

Theresa said...

I can totally relate. I'm a Denver Broncos fan for three decades now. It's been brutal.

Kelley said...

I am so impressed with your knowledge! I can't believe that guy had open heart surgery last year!

Michelle Nahom said...

Sorry the Celtics are out! I only follow Women's Basketball now, but when I was a kid I loved the Celtics. Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, and Robert Parrish were my favorites back then!