Wednesday, May 1, 2013

WTF Wednesday!

 It's that time again, when items I uncover in the news cause me to scratch my head and ask, "What the     f*ck??"  And then of course I have to share them with you.

The Man Who Owns the Moon

In 1981, Dennis Hope was newly divorced and running out of money.  He knew there was money to be made selling real estate, and while gazing into the night sky, a brilliant idea came to him.   

He did some research and learned that the 1967 United Nations Outer Space Treaty stated that no country could own the moon or planets, but it made no mention of individuals.  So, he drafted a letter to the United Nations and 33 countries claiming ownership of the moon, Mars, Pluto, and one of Jupiter's moons.  

Hope once received a bill from someone who claimed to own the sun and was charging the moon mogul for the use of its energy.  After careful consideration, he suggested the man turn off the sun, and refused to pay the bill.  

Since then he has made $11,000,000 selling properties in outer space.  His customers include Barbara Walters, Tom Cruise, and former Presidents Jimmy Carter, George H. W. Bush, and Ronald Reagan.  The total charge for one acre of lunar land is $24.00.  Click here to watch a video about him and his operation.

This might make a great gift for the grandchild who has everything!  And don't forget Mother's Day!
(I don't know who's Loonier...Mr. Hope or the guy that bought a "country sized" plot for $250.000!)


SugarcBush is the world's most photographed squirrel.  She lives in Boca Raton, Florida with her owner, Kelly Foxton.  Rescued when she was a baby from a nest in a tree which was cut down, Sugar shares Kelly's home with a small green parrot named Rio.  The bird and squirrel are best pals and constant companions.

Sugar Bush has over 3000 costumes with matching accessories and has been photographed over 5000 times.  At first I though Kelly Foxton was crazy, but she's crazy like a fox!  She has made a whole business out of photographing Sugar Bush.  You might see Sugar on greeting cards, calendars, glossy photos, paper dolls, children's books, even photos for our troops.  Check out Sugar Bush's home page here!  Please, go check out the website!  You won't believe what you'll see!

You have to admit, the rodent is rather ravishing!  She's still a rodent, however, and the whole idea of sharing my home with a rodent, albeit a "cash cow" so to speak, still makes me a little squirrelly!


The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection was asked to investigate a home in Newtown, CT, and found over 300 gallon jugs filled with urine.  Aparently they were placed there by the homeowner, but no one is sure why.

Sounds like this guy was a perfect candidate for the reality tv show "Hoarders."


  A bar in London has found that video games in the men's loo are not only popular, but profitable!  The idea is the game is somewhat "hands-free," as play is controlled by the players stream of urine.  The profits result from the players return to the bar for a "refill" "rePEEted times for extended play!

  Talk about a game being a real pisser!  Maybe that's what the guy in Connecticut was saving his pee for??


That's all the head scratching for today!  Have a good one!



fishducky said...

It would be silly for me to buy property on the moon for my husband, especially since he's not using the star I bought & named for him years ago!!

Stephen Hayes said...

I won't admit to being a nerd but I once bought Mrs. C. a star near Alpha Century for twenty bucks. Sometimes she suggests I go check up on our investment.

Mesina said...

Why didn't I think of selling lunar properties! That man is a freakin' genius. The squirrel, also incredibly cute. Is it weird for you to admit that in my childhood I spent many years living with a pair of flying squirrels? It's the honest truth, my Stepfather was a logger and found a pair of "pinkies" in a tree he needed to cut down. After waiting all day for the Mama to return so he could call it off, she never came back. He rescued the pair and spent all day and night nursing them with kitten formula, they grew and we discovered they were what they were! I woke up a few nights with one investigating my room, as we used to let them roam the house at night being nocturnal. We missed a financial opportunity dressing them up though... damn!

Jeannine Breton said...

ok....not sure I want to invest.....

Meredith said...

That is so crazy about that guy selling lunar property! I no idea that this was even a thing! Now that's an original gift...

Kelley said...

What?? That guy became a millionaire that way? Insanity! The gallons of urine is DEFINITELY insanity. Where do you come up with this stuff??

Gail said...

How did I miss these???