Sunday, June 2, 2013

Silent Sunday

Kennebunk Beach, Maine

Summer arrives!



Brian Miller said...

and fills up very quick...
no longer silent.

rosaria williams said...

Ah, you hung around with the Bushes!

fishducky said...

We had dinner in Malibu (CA) yesterday. It was so hot that at 6:00 the beaches were still crowded!!

The Dose of Reality said...

GORGEOUS! Would love to visit there someday! :)-Ashley

Eva Gallant said...

Brian: Very true!

Rosaria: We actually have driven by the Bush Compound on more than one occasion and have seen George H. W. out fishing.

fishducky: It's been in the 90s here for the past 3 days and that's after a week in 40s!

Ashley: It's even more breath-taking than the photos!

River said...

It's warm enough to swim already?
You Americans are tough! I wouldn't be in the water this soon.
It is a pretty beach though.

Paula Jones said...


Sue said...

I want to be there.
Plain and simple.