Friday, August 16, 2013

Flaunting Fiction Friday

The following is a short story I wrote a while back for the Indie Flash Fiction site.

               As the sun dropped toward the horizon, the trees cast long shadows on the pond.  Chances are it would be days before anyone passed this way again.   The leaves on the trees had turned from green to yellow, indicating that the swimming hole would be abandoned again until next summer.
               The woman’s body was barely visible as it slowly sank into the depths of the water.  He hadn't wanted to do it, but she wouldn't shut up; she wouldn't stop nagging him about getting a job.  He’d spent two years sending out resumes and pounding the pavement.  Finally, his spirit had been broken and he’d turned to alcohol for comfort.  It deadened the pain, but didn't silence her.   Every day, she had harped on about it; he was drinking too much, he should be looking for work.  Over and over again he’d warned her, hell, he’d begged her to stop.  She just wouldn't let up.  Finally, he’d lost it and grabbed her by the throat.  It had been quick.  He just wanted her to shut up.  No one would believe it was an accident.
                 They had no friends in the area; no one would miss them when he moved south.   By the time her body was discovered, he would be far away.  Having strangled her, he’d used his lit cigarette to blur her finger prints.  Yes, it would be a long time before they found her and even longer before they identified her; by then he would be far away.


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The Dose of Reality said...

WOAH!! This was not the story I was expecting when I read the first paragraph!! Very chilling! (I hope he's caught!!) --Lisa

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
I second The DoR's comment - wonderful, tight narrative, Eva and yet it manages to have a touch of sympathy somehow - briefly!

Tremendous. YAM xx

Gail said...

Very enjoyable read! You are a woman of many talents.

Stephen Hayes said...

I love stories that ask more questions than they answer, and this certainly leaves us wondering about many thing. Nicely written.

fishducky said...

Well written, Eva!!

Eva Gallant said...

Lisa: I'm glad I could surprise you!

Yamini: Thanks for the kind words.

Stephen: Thanks; a complement from someone with your talents is much appreciated!

Gail: Thank you so much!

fishducky: Thanks!

Unknown Mami said...

You got so much across in such few words and made me wonder if I'm being too much of a nag.

Brian Miller said...

eep...even burned the fingerprints off....well that will def delay them just a bit...better get moving now ya hear...smiles

River said...

It's a great story! Intriguing. But he's forgotten about dental records being used for ID. Still, if no-one knows who she was with, he might just get away with it. Sad that she couldn't let up on the harping even for a day.

ittybittycitykitchen said...

Wow great story. Your blog is so fun and light I wasn't expecting this darker turn. I love when people can have multiple voices!