Sunday, August 11, 2013

Silent Sunday

                         BJP Watercolors

Brian was born in Waterville, Maine and graduated from Winslow High School after which he moved to Portland, Maine. He took watercolor classes through Spiral Arts and participated in numerous art shows throughout the state. His work was displayed at the Blaine House in Augusta 2005-2006. 

Brian states, "My artwork is unique in that I am visually impaired and I see things differently than others do. I like people to see the world through my eyes."

Brian is also featured in "Art in the Park" and Local Libraries.

                                                                                                            photo by Duke Harrington

  • Brian is legally blind and literally paints the  world "as he sees it."   He recently opened an Esty store.  Click on this link to pay his store a visit!

  • He only has a few paintings on sale right now, but will do custom paintings upon request.  Visit his Esty store and drop him an email...he'd be delighted to hear from you!

  • To read an interview a local journal did with him, click on this link.  His is an amazing story of determination and survival!

  • EVA

    River said...

    I'm amazed that people who can't see, can still paint colours. As you said Brian is visually impaired not completely blind, but still impressive that he paints.

    The Dose of Reality said...

    Beautiful work! How inspiring that nothing keeps him from being creative and making his art!

    fishducky said...

    I had a very minor stroke many years ago & my eyes refused to work together for a few weeks. I had to wear an eyepatch. I can't imagine living that way--he is a very special person!!

    Jeannine Breton said...

    It is amazing to me that a person who has had difficulties in his life did not "give up" . He sure does a great job with colors. Talanted.

    rosaria williams said...

    Lovely composition/use of contrasts. It all goes to show that we can all keep learning.

    Stephen Hayes said...

    I think it remarkable that certain humans can always find a way to surmount any obstacle while others give up over the flimsiest of excuses. This person is obviously blessed with perseverance and an indomitable creative spirit.

    Merlesworld said...

    The way he sees the world is going to be so different to everyone else, so glad he has found a way to tell people what his world is like.

    Eva Gallant said...

    River: He is a unique individual and he happens to be my nephew.

    Lisa&Ashley: Thanks for visiting!

    fishducky: That he is!

    Jeannine: I agree.

    rosaria: He is an inspiration in determination.

    Stephen: Yes, he is.

    Al Penwasser said...

    What a neat picture. Is that hanging in your house?

    Alessandra said...

    Wow, he definitely deserves some publicity, his art is something else :)

    A Beer For The Shower said...

    Wow, that's really cool. Such a unique perspective and a great story behind it. That makes for my favorite kind of art.