Friday, December 13, 2013

A Christmas Poem

Here's another repeat post from last year...even though we just got a little snow here, I thought I'd repost it anyway!  Hope if it's familiar you won't mind, and if it's new to you, hope you enjoy it.

A Christma Poem

Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the town,
There was no sign of snow, not a flake to be found.
The snowplows all sat in the town parking lot,
All gassed up and waiting, but snow, it did not.

The children were nervous and fearful as well,
That they’d see no St. Nick unless some snow fell.
The thought of a Christmas with no Santa Claus,
Was more than enough to give them all pause.

They were of two minds on the matter, it was patently clear.
Many were sure no that snow  meant no Santa this year;
Though some thought he’d still come with no snow on the roof.
The idea was hotly debated; there just was no proof!

Each weather report brought all to attention;
A forecast of snow would bring an end to the tension.
For how could Santa land on roofs with his sleigh
Without a fresh layer of snow to blanket the way?

The day before Christmas, the ground was still dry,
More than one child walked ‘round with a tear in his eye.
The trees were all trimmed with tinsel and lights,
And stockings were hung, with no snow in sight.

With hearts in their throats, kids donned their pajamas,
Climbed into their beds, bid goodnight to their mamas.
So sad were they all. More than one shed tears as they crept
Under the covers; some even sobbed the whole time they slept.

Then, during the night came an event unexpected.
A lovely snowfall left the town white complected!
On every rooftop, the snow flakes they landed,
So, Santa and Rudolph would not be stranded!

The children awoke to the sound of the plows,
A peek out the windows elicited "Wows!"
There was snow everywhere, piled up in drifts,
And under their trees were all sorts of gifts!

The snowfall had came and brought Santa, too,
Though how it all happened, they hadn't a clue.
Even the weatherman was scratching his head--
Was all of it brought by the fat man in red?

an orginal poem by Eva Gallant



Stephen Hayes said...

This was a first for me and a charming read. Thanks for sharing it again.

Brian Miller said...

hey i believe in the magic....smiles...anything can happen at christmas....

sasha concepcion said...

I like your christmas poem, entertaining. I'm glad i discovered your website while browsing for poem to add to pinterest.

Thank you,