Friday, May 23, 2014

'Fess Up Friday!

Okay, I admit it!  I'm hooked on the Bachelor/Bachelorette series!  As embarrassing as it is to admit, I haven't missed an episode in all the years it's been on--going all the way back to Trista and Ryan!

There's just something about the beautiful ladies, the beautiful clothes, the gorgeous guys, the dream destinations that I just can't resist.  I don't even mind the drama, bickering, and tears!  To me, every bit of it is entertaining!  I love guessing who'll be sent home each week and who the favorites will be.

Am I shallow?  Perhaps.  Lacking anything better to do?  Maybe.  But the fact that some of these couples actually end up really falling in love and getting married is fun; what a story they have to tell their children and grandchildren.

I know....some of the engagements don't last long....Remember "Monkey" and the guy from Great Britain?  That ship crashed on the rocks almost immediately, but I predicted that, too.

It's too early to guess who will end up with Andie this season, but I know I'll be watching and waiting to see who becomes her choice!  We know it won't be Eric Hill; the fellow was killed in a sky-diving accident after this season's filming ended.  That was tragic--a 32-year-old handsome fellow with his whole life ahead of him..

 Then there was the guy from a previous season who wanted to crash the party the first night.....I wonder if we've seen the last of him?  There's always some kind of interesting just adds to the fun of watching the show.

Well, now you know!  I'm just not a "high brow" kind of girl!  Any others out there who'll be joining me on that rollercoaster ride called the Bachelorette?

In the mean time---

(courtesy of fishducky!)



Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
awwww you old romantic you...! We don't have that here (at least not the few free channels I chose to watch). Phew. My thing is the cooking shows. I know. But watching is better than eating. Maybe. YAM xx

Stephen Hayes said...

Thanks for proving that you aren't just a pretty highbrow brainiac. I won't throw stones at you because I watch several questionable programs.

Eddie said...

Don't know the series Eva.

But I would be honoured if you would come over to my place and dance with me to some delightful music:)

River said...

That's one of the many "reality" type shows I don't watch. In fact I don't watch ANY of those shows, I can't stand them.
Love the kitty's t-shirt.

Brian Miller said...

ha. have never watched the show.
i used to watch several reality tv show series, but haven't watched much tv this year with grad school and work...