Monday, June 23, 2014

Elephants, anyone?

Today I was asked to babysit two of my grandsons--well, not really BABY-sit;  Austin is 12 and Carter is 7.  Mr. Eva and I tried to come up with something different to do with them and we decided to take them to visit the Hope Elephants.

You're probably thinking, "Elephants in Maine?  Is there a circus in town?"  But no, there was no circus.  A veterinarian,  Dr.  Jim Laurita, who has years of experience working with elephants, has acquired two retired circus elephants, Rosie and Opal, and has taken on the task of nursing them to better health and educating the public about elephants, an endangered species.

The boys enjoyed watching the elephants and learning about them through the presentation that the facility provides.

They eat watermelon, hay, carrots, sticks, (yes sticks) and various fruits and veggies.  In the picute above, Opal is using her trunk to dig carrots out of a rubber ball with trunk-sized holes in it; so she exercises her trunk and gets to eat as a result.

That's Jim Laurita applying sun screen to Rosie's face and ears!  Believe it or not, these Asian elephants who weigh in at 8,000 pounds each, aren't sun worshippers.  In fact, they are more comfortable when the temperature  is in the 50's!  They even like the snow. ( Remember, Hannibal climbed the snow-covered Himalayas with his elephants.)

There's nothing like watching a couple of 8,000 lb. elephants to keep me motivated in my quest for weight loss, especially since we have more than just weight in common--they take Glucosomine for arthritis, just like I do!

(I've now lost 47 lbs. and swam 18 laps [that's from one end of the above pool to the other and back!] on Saturday.)

For more info about the Hope Elephants, where to visit them, and how to donate to the cause, click on this link:

Hope Elephants

If you live in Maine or are visiting Maine this summer, I recommend a trip to Hope!



Stephen Hayes said...

Elephants are incredible creatures. On our recent trip to Thailand we visited an elephant sanctuary where we were allowed to feed elephants and help bathe them in a river. I'll never forget the experience. Say, my Blogger Dashboard isn't working so you probably aren't receiving notification of my posts but I'm still posting them on MWF.

Alessandra said...

I am always amazed at how many vets do great things for animals, even when they don't profit from them. I love those elephants, wish I could vivid the. Btw, congrats ohm the weight loss, and that is one long pool…:)

Sue said...

Sticks, huh? That is some serious roughage!


PS. Congrats on the continuing weight loss. You are rocking it.

The Dose of Reality said...

I had no idea that elephants didn't like the heat! How wonderful that he takes care of the retired elephants.

And FORTY-SEVEN POUNDS AND 18 LAPS! You are a force of nature, Eva. I could not be more impressed with you! YOU GO, GIRL!! Whoo Hoo!! --Lisa

Eva Gallant said...

Stephen: I apologize...I haven't been very good about visiting blogs laztely, but I haven't forgotten yours. I'll be by again soon.

Alessandra: Thanks!

Sue: Somehow, I just don't have a desire to turn to sticks for my roughage!

Lisa: It's 49 pounds and 20 laps, now!

Eddie Bluelights said...

Briliiant animals I think are elephants.

Hey I am impressed with the weight loss - brilliant!

Are you doing Saturday Silliness this week?