Wednesday, July 9, 2014

And The Journey to Health Continues....

My regular readers know that I decided around January 15th of this year that I was going to do my best to get healthy.  My pursuit of that goal has kept me away from my laptop to some extent, and I haven't been blogging regularly.  For that, I apologize.

I've been exercising 1 hour at least 4 times per week.  The Silver Sneakers Class at my gym accounts for 2 of those hours.  Twenty-two laps in the pool at the gym account for the other 2 hours.  And sometimes I get an additional hour of swimming in, time and weather permitting.

It hasn't been a futile effort; I've now lost 50 pounds.  This does present a problem, though, because my bathing suit no longer fits.  I have been living in fear that I might swim out of it altogether and get arrested for streaking through the gym!

I ordered a new suit, which came, but unfortunately I haven't yet lost enough body mass to fit into it!  I finally dug out one that was given to me a few years ago that didn't fit at the time, but does now, and it will have to do until I trim down some more.

I've been pleased with my progress and it seems to be getting easier.  I'm learning to make good choices when eating out, or to bring home half my meal if it's too much.  For example, this weekend we got take out from a sandwich shop called Big G's in Winslow, and after examining the menu, I chose a sandwich called the Gobling Gormet, which was advertised as low fat.  I ordered the half sandwich without the bread, which turned out like this:

It was served in a plastic container and was chicken salad on a bed of lettuce with some cranberry sauce and cheese slices.  Delicious!

I'm not feeling deprived, and with the help of the website ",'" I'm able to make sure that I stay within the correct calorie intake while getting the proper amount of protein, carbs, etc.  Here's hoping I continue on this path, as I'm only a third of the way to my goal.  I will continue to keep you updated on my progress, and am open to suggestions you may have.  



VEG said...

Wow that is fantastic! Well done for what must have been a hard slog. Great to see such progress though you must be stoked! Fifty pounds is no small feat. Congrats miss Eva!

Stephen Hayes said...

Keep up the good work. I know I speak for many of your readers when I say I'm so very proud of you.

River said...

Nice mental image you've given me here, swimming out of the suit and streaking through the gym. I'm going to laugh at that all week. Possibly all month.
I'm being more careful with my food choices now too, mostly with portion sizes, but also cutting out cakes and ice cream. I don't see any results yet, but that will come.
It's the exercise that's defeating me. Walking to and from the kitchen just doesn't seem to be enough.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
2nd - good to have a target suit to aim for!
3rd - that container does look appetising - though I would minus the chicketn (veggo)
4th - you really are an inspiration; as River pointed out though, it is the exercise angle which I need to work on... YAM xx

Eddie Bluelights said...

Many congratulations Eva on losing 50 pounds - wow, that is incredible.

You must be feeling a lot fitter after all that weight loss and all that exercise.
~ Eddie :)

fishducky said...

You go, girl!!

rosaria williams said...

What a great accomplishment! Losing weight is one of the hardest thing.

Eva Gallant said...

Veg: Thank you so much! I AM stoked!

Stephen: Thanks, Stephen.

River: I don't know what I'll do when swimming season passes...I'm not big on other kinds of exercise.

Yamini: Thanks for the kind words.

Eddie: Thanks...I do notice a lot of difference in my balance and my stamina!

fishducky: I'm doing my best!

rosaria: It's been tough, but I no longer consider myself dieting; I'm telling my self that I've made a permanent change in my habits.

The Dose of Reality said...

That is absolutely AWESOME Eva!!! Good for you!! Here is hoping that you enjoy rocking your bikini bod for the rest of the summer! :)-Ashley

Keith Smith said...

That reminds me, I really must buy a new swim suit; the old one has a hole in one of the sleeves.