Friday, August 8, 2014

Skirmish lost; war continues!

Well, I fell off the wagon.  I guess it happens to everyone.  Last Friday we went to a funeral in Bangor, and on the way back, we stopped to eat dinner at a truck stop called Dysart's.  The food is awesome and I couldn't resist buying a package of No Bake Cookies from their bakery dept.  (They contain peanut butter, oatmeal, and chocolate...lots of protein, I figured!)  

What I didn't give thought to is the fact that they are also carbohydrate heavy--sugary--which set off a carbohydrate craving frenzy!  In addition to the cookies, I was soon also eating ice cream, and then French fires.  Yikes!  My weight went up two pounds!  

Once I recognized that the cookies had unleashed my carbohydrate appetite, I took control and am now back down the two pounds, back to a total weight loss of 54.2 lbs.  Thank goodness I woke up before I had incurred too much damage! 

 I can't believe the power of sugar!  I almost never eat ice cream, even when I'm not watching my weight (It's just not a favorite); yet there I was, begging my husband to stop at the local Dairy Queen so I could devour a chocolate ice cream cone in a frenzy.

Just a minor skirmish lost in my major war against weight.  I'm back on track and will be losing again, now.   




Al Penwasser said...

Yeah, but who can resist cookies? There's no such thing as a bad cookie. Well, except for that disastrous "Grampa's Toe" promotion from Famous Amos.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Eeeekkk..... just goes to prove the '-aholism' of virtually everything we take in!!! Going to have to develop a medal for winning that battle; The Sugar Shunner Cross, perhaps? YAM xx

Merlesworld said...

Is anyone stronger than sugar, it's wonderful stuff and very powerful when i want it I must have it, but I'm a bit on the weak side.

River said...

The sugar is my problem too, I know it. At least I'm staying steady and not gaining now.

Stephen Hayes said...

It isn't possible to deny forever the things that make you happy. Enjoying these treats occasional and in moderation will enable you to stay on track more successfully. Don't beat yourself up over this.

Susan Anderson said...

The fact that you got back ON the wagon...and so what counts!