Friday, August 22, 2014

Reflections on Turning 70.

Wednesday, the 20th, was my 70th birthday.

I'm not saying that in an effort to get presents (Note:  I won't turn any down!), but because I'm still in a state of denial.  There is no way I am this close to having inhabited this earth for a quarter of a century !  Seven decades seems like a very long time--just 10 years short of "four score"  ala Gettysburg Address.

Oh, I'm not complaining--I'd much prefer to be here than not!  Why?

 Well, there are advantages to turning 70:

I no longer have to go to work every day.

 I have now officially earned the right to scrape by on Social Security and my paltry pension.

I no longer have to provide official certification that I am eligible for "senior citizen discounts;" my wrinkles, white hair, and creaky knees are right out there for all to see!

I still get invitations to join AARP; although you have to be 50 before you receive your first solicitation, apparently there's no cutoff point, and I will continue to receive those enticing invitations to buy "final expense insurance" until I no longer need it!

Looking on the brighter side:

I am now old enough to say and do whatever  my mood dictates!

I now can join in on senior games!

Menopause is a distant, dim memory--as are most things!

Every day is "Casual Friday!"

And now I have time to do the things I really writing.    If you enjoyed this post, you may want to check out the first book I published:

So much for my 70th birthday!



Keith Smith said...

Oh what a shame, I don't have a Kindle, only a Sony eBook reader which wont read any Amazon or Waterstones eBooks. So I cant purchase or read your obviously fascinating book. Why? Go look here:

Dawn@Lighten Up! said...

Eva! Happy, Happy Birthday! Hugs to you! The big 7-0!!!

Eva Gallant said...

Keith: sorry you don't have a Kindle; I didn't realize Sony's ebook reader can't access Amazon books.

Dawn: Thank you so much!