Monday, September 15, 2014

No More Pool Time!

Sadly, I'm afraid the time to swim in the outdoor pool at my gym is past.  When the air temperature drops below 67, my enthusiasm for jumping in follows.   I've heard the pool stayed open until Columbus Day last year, because we had a particularly warm fall.  Unless there's a major shift in the weather, I don't see that happening this year.  We've already had a few nights when the temp has dipped below 50; daytime temps are below 70; no more 'dips' for me!

This creates a dilemma; what to replace my swim time with in order to keep my weight going in the right direction?  Today I took a 20-minute walk; it's not the same. 

 It's a bigger effort that swimming for me.  Spending an hour swimming laps at the club pool is fun.

Walking is not.  Maybe it will grow on me?  Time will tell!  

If you  have suggestions, (other than find an indoor pool--most have a charge, and the chlorine is over-whelming), I'd love to hear them!



Al Penwasser said...

Riding a bicycle? Although how that will play out when ice and snow eventually make their return I don't know.
Walking may be just about it unless you wanted to join a gym.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
EVA!!! firstly let me cry BLOGGER FOWL- I did wonder that I had not seen you on screen for a while and now I find that I have missed several posts - which have not turned up on my dashboard read list. Horrors. I already lost track of a couple of blogs because of this mysterious and random dropout thing Blogger seems to be doing. Thankfully you turned up on the G+ page; so do forgive if I don't get round to commenting every post; but I don't wan't you to disappear;;;; and if you keep walking is there a risk of that? As Al P says, it may be about the only option. Like any exercise, it does become easier then you find you miss it when it is not there.

Sorry for the rant. Am ropable at the nonsense over which we seem to have no control... sigh... YAM xx

River said...

"When the air temperature drops below 67..."
Holey socks, that's cold!
I don't head for the pool until the temperature here is much closer to 90!
I prefer walking over swimming, I'm very awkward in the water, but walking isn't as easy these days either. Uneven footpaths, footpaths with too much slope (for rain runoff)that make me feel I have one leg too short, stopping on every corner for traffic to pass, it just isn't worth getting out there.

Eva Gallant said...

Al: I belong to a gym...I guess that's what I'll be doing...weights and treadmill.

Yam: I know Blogger has been doing some strange stuff lately!

River: 67 degrees us cool for swimming, but keep in mind that here in Maine we can expect several days to be below Zero degrees Farenheit before spring comes this way again!