Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Vacation Takes Its Toll!

Mr. Eva and I were invited to a wedding in Atlanta, GA.  Since we hadn't had any kind vacation in the last couple of years since his knee replacement surgery, we jumped on the chance of a road trip!

We left Maine on August 28th, and drove to Atlanta.  We shared the driving and kept the pace relaxed...stopping at hotels 2 nights on the way.  We spent 2 nights at the Hyatt Buckland Hotel in Atlanta, and then stopped two nights on the return trip.

We had a great time at the wedding and it was fun to catch up with Mr. E's family after a few years without seeing many of them.

That explains some of my absence from my blog, but not all....I just haven't been in the mood, and rather than bore you with half-hearted posts, I just haven't been writing.

I'm going to work on doing better at this; I know many of my followers are no longer visiting my blog, and who could blame them; I just haven't been giving them reason to drop by!

One thing you may remember, I am working on getting healthier.  This is a mission I started in January of this year.  I've been making better food choices and also have been exercising.  (Maybe that's what's left me with no energy to be creative here!)

My efforts have been rewarded:  I have now lost 62 pounds!  I'm not on a diet...I'm changing my life for the better!  During these summer months I've been swimming 22 laps in the Olympic-size pool at the local health club for an hour two to four times per week, plus participating in an exercise class two hours per week.  I cleaned everything out of my closet and drawers that no longer fits (a large garbage full!) and donated it to Goodwill.  

Thanks to those who have stayed with me; I plan to be more diligent in my blogging efforts going forward!



Jayne Martin said...

62 pounds! I'm so happy for you. Yes, it's all about making healthier choices. We want you around for a long, long time, my friend. Big hugs!

Eva Gallant said...

Thanks, Jayne!

VEG said...

I do love a road trip and I'm envious! :) Also, 62lbs. Every time I check in you're shrinking! Not to mention making me feel lazy with all your activity! I love swimming. This winter I want to do a lot of swimming. When it gets cold everyone seems to neglect the pool so I will go and swim in relative peace! :) Well done, you!

PS Sorry this comment is so late.