Friday, April 29, 2016

I know I haven't posted anything in ages!  I apologize for my absence;  I just ran out of things to say.   I thought I'd share a short story I wrote a while back.....I might have shared this once before, but if I did, it's been a while, so please forgive me if that's the case!   (A note of content)

Corporate Cougar

          I was 36, one year divorced, and aching with a need to breed; he was 27 and had the lines of a thoroughbred in a three-piece suit.  Our eyes met frequently during meetings; his were brown with gold flecks in them matching the golden curls that stopped just above his shirt collar; mine were emerald green and smoldering with lust.  I was no fool—I knew an office fling was not a good idea;  a female in a mostly male profession could be putting her career at risk.  The man always comes out on top on those situations (no pun intended!)

          We seldom spoke. Furtive glances said more than words ever could.  The game continued for months.  One day, as we sat side by side at a luncheon meeting, I felt like I’d been struck by a surge of electric current when our fingers touched briefly as he handed me the basket of rolls.  Avoiding his eyes, I hoped he hadn’t heard my sudden intake of breath.  After the meal, when everyone leaned back in their chairs listening to the guest speaker, his thigh grazed mine.  At first it was a tentative touch, but when I didn’t move away, his Yves St. Laurent-clad leg settled against mine.  Even though I feigned obliviousness, the heat I felt was unmistakable-- a warm feeling that began at the point of contact, increasing in intensity as it spread up my thigh to the satin-clad spot where my inner thigh ended.

          My brain was telling me to move away!  To shift my position in my chair--it wouldn’t be obvious if I was just reaching for my water glass.  That little gesture could end this now.  But the heat was getting to me, and he knew it.  As though he could read my mind, he nonchalantly reached for his water glass, moving more of his leg against mine in the process.  All my awareness was on my own quickening heartbeat, and the steaminess that seemed to be assaulting my nether regions.

          Mercifully the meeting ended, and people were leaving.  Turning away from him without a word, I left the restaurant.  When I reached the parking lot and opened the door of my Mazda, I placed my briefcase behind the driver’s seat.  As I entered the car, his shiny black Jetta pulled up beside me.

          “Got any appointments this afternoon?” he asked through the open window.  I glanced around before answering; no one else from our office was in sight.

          “No, my day planner is clear.  I was headed home.”

          “I’ll follow you,” he stated, matter-of-factly.  

          From the driver’s seat, I glanced at myself in the mirror.  My face was flushed; he knew the effect he’d had on me and hadn’t doubted for a second that I would lead him to my apartment.   So much of me knew this was a bad idea, but reason was replaced by need. The 15-minute drive to my apartment took less than 10.  I sprang from my car and had the front door unlocked by the time I heard his footsteps on the walk behind me.  He followed me in, and when I closed the door, he placed his hands on the door on each side of me, and leaned his whole body against me while his lips found mine.  I gasped when his hot tongue licked my lips until they parted eagerly. 
          We hurried up the stairs, kissing and shedding clothes on the way.  We fell on my bed with no clothing barriers between us.  To say he had his way with me would be an understatement; we had our way with each other!  It was hot, fast, and hard; then, slow, gentle, and sweet.  He was gorgeous as only a 27-year-old gym-rat can be.  I delighted in every inch of him.  He seemed undaunted by the after effects of childbirth on a 36-year-old woman’s body.  How could I not find that delicious?

          Cuddling in the afterglow, he looked into my eyes.  “When can I see you again?” he asked.

          “You can’t.” 

          “Why the hell not?”

          “Because we’re at different places in our lives.  And because if the office ever found out about us, we’d be canned.”

         I leaned against the door, listening  to Joel Spencer’s footsteps on the walkway as he returned to his Jetta.  I heard the car door close and the engine start.   I stood by the window and watched sadly as the Jetta turned onto the highway.


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